Why is it still ok for the USA to allow gun ownership when all the statistics tell the story that they go around slaughtering eachother with guns to a totally unacceptable level? I have no idea.

Why is it ok to have a convicted criminal  in government anywhere in the world? Baffling.

Why is it ok to tell me I have to be a vegan or I’m personally responsible for destroying the planet? Really? come on.

Why is it ok not to pay women properly; not to employ black folks in positions of authority and not to employ disabled people at all? Fear? Ignorance? Plain prejudice?

Why is it ok not to storm Parliament at the palpable abject failure of Brexit? For f…k’s sake!

And why is it possible for intelligent human beings not to read and learn that Brexit was a disaster born from a pack of lies by wankers? Chilling.

Why is it ok to allow hundreds of thousands of white European Ukrainians asylum all over Europe while continuing to turn back refugees on little boats whose entire families have been tortured and murdered, because their  skin is brown and because they are muslims come on everyone, look at yourself, won’t you??

Why isn’t  it ok for anyone in Britain to have right wing views and get any job at all in a university? Don’t you know that fascism is a right wing phenomenon, not a left wing phenomenon?

Why is it better to have Boris Johnson as PM than just about anyone else? I have no idea.

Why is it ok to let some people earn and keep £100 billion while half the world don’t have enough to eat? Because they control weak people in power.

Why is it not ok to play Michael jackson records when nothing at all was ever proven against him? I have no idea.

Why on earth is marijuana  banned in Britain but sales of alcohol are allowed? Few unpremeditated violent crimes on record don’t involve alcohol. Few violent unpremeditated crimes on record involve marijuana. Old fashioned church fuelled ignorant moral fascism….see above.

Why are white people still afraid of black people? Even their music? Simple. Dreadful people in charge of the media.

Why is Piers Morgan such an arse and how is it he doesn’t know? if you can answer that convincingly I’ll give you a hundred quid.

How did Coldplay go from being a pretty good indie thinking rock band to pants in a decade? Chasing the money….absolutely the worst crime in my industry bar none.

Why doesn’t Alex Ferguson just come out with it and say – you see, I was great and everyone else they have tried after me has been utter crap? Don’t know but he must think it every day and gloat, no?

Why do we give any airtime at all to Nigel Farage? He’s an arse. If there is one overriding failure of western society in the last three decades, it’s those 50% to the left and right of centre not working out how to withhold oxygen to the loony left and the loony right.

Why is Liz Truss the heir apparent to Boris? Completely baffling. She’s an arse…but hey let her run!

Why can’t I buy pants that are cut so they don’t chafe? Are they all designed by people without a penis? Or am I build very strangely?

Why do iPhones cost over seven hundred quid? Have you seen Apple’s profits? They must cost Apple about a tenner each. We are fools.

Why would anyone pay sixty grand for a watch just because David Bekham wears one? did you know the maximum price wholesale for a swiss watch movement is £250. We are fools.

Why do movies cost hundreds of millions to make when they only last two hours and TV series which are brilliant and go on for seven seasons cost less and are tons better and have the same actors in them? I have absolutely no idea.