Public speaking and mentoring

Throughout his career, Robin has mentored and trained artists and musicians, employees and colleagues and those embarking on business, enterprise or charitable projects. He took on his first apprentice in 1982. He encourages and guides people to envisage, harness and achieve their full potential and produce consistently outstanding results.

He has been an international keynote speaker, masterclass lecturer and campaigner for 30 years and gave the keynote address at the first ever Digital Information Exchange in Los Angeles in 1984, predicting the move away from physical to digital media over the next twenty years.

To book Robin for motivational speaking, high level mentoring or just for fun, adventure and anecdotes of his life with the rich, famous and bizarre, contact Tracie Evans tracie@blueraincoatmusic.com

“Robin is a personable, humorous, incisive, intelligent and supportive mentor. His sessions are uplifting and inspiring and focussed on producing award-winning results.”


“Your ability to speak intelligently and eloquently you are able to talk effectively and with conviction about countless other issues outside of the immediate music-related environment.”

You have one other and wholly exceptional quality by which I mean your highly engaging, inspirational and entertaining style of delivery. My colleagues are still remembering and mentioning your star appearance at our Communication Day when you captured their hearts and imagination. This is a rare talent indeed.”

Chairman & CEO – PPL

“I set you an almost impossible challenge, to inspire a mixed audience of over 150 people including: children with learning disabilities; their teachers; high-powered business people; local dignitaries; and the staff and trustees of Young Enterprise.

“You went way beyond the brief Robin, keeping us all totally spellbound for well over 20 minutes, as we listened to the stories of the adversities you’ve overcome, interspersed with the encouragement you gave us all to meet our own challenges head-on, and of course laced with your wicked sense of humour throughout.

“As you know, some of our audience, the children whom our charity tries to help, finds it difficult to concentrate for more than a few minutes at a time. But you held them (and the rest of us) silent and totally engrossed throughout. I’ve never seen that achieved before.”

Chairman-Young Enterprise