We are looking on. We are looking to the East. We feel impotent. We feel we should do something. We feel lucky, guilty, angry. We can’t do anything, can we?

Yes, we can keep our own integrity and so not be like them. We can realise that this is all about love. There is nothing in life that matters but love. Nothing.

And we can say to ourselves:  “Do not cause pain to the people who love me. Not ever. Not for any reason.”

… And there are people who love you. They may give you a pet name. Little Bear. Honeybunch. Doodle. They may call you Darling or Sweetie. They may offer to pick you up at the airport. They may send you little cards. Or jokes. They may give you gifts when it’s not your birthday. They may listen to you, without interrupting and without advice when you need it.

They may share their smile or their time or their care or their home or their wealth.

They do all this because they love you.

And you should never hurt the people who love you. Not ever. Not for any reason. Not for greed. Not for personal glory. Not for wealth. Not for status. Not for revenge. Not out of jealousy. Not out of pride. Not out of anger.

Do not let them down. Do not fall out with them. Not for any reason. These things are a choice. They are your choice. You never have to let someone down who loves you. You never have to fall out with someone who loves you. This is always your choice. Always. You decide.

This is not profound or original. It’s all been said, in part or in whole, a thousand times over ten thousand years.

And yet …

Look in the mirror. Not the one on the bathroom wall or the one in the changing room at the gym or in the clothing store. The mirror inside. The one that reflects what is going on in your heart, in your gut. In your head. In your loins. What do you see there?

You see the choices you have made and the choices you will make. Did you examine each choice through the lens of love?

How did we feel when we were let down by someone we loved? Do we want someone who loves us to feel like that?

“There is nothing in life that matters but love. Nothing.

Do not cause pain to the people who love me. Not ever.”