Just Good Friends

I am never sure what I am writing about when I write.

I think this poem might be about friendship or life or taking chances or not waiting to grow old or laughter – yes I think it may be more about laughter and taking chances.

It’s not the If or the Why
It’s the How the Where and the When
It’s not the If or the Why
It’s the because

We are fit
And well
And – well – up to it
And – well – up for it

It will surprise us
It will be great
It’s not always great
but this will be great

It’s a choice
It’s about only passing this way once
It’s about timing
And about patience

It’s about how things grow
They grow inside us
Then they grow outside of us
Then they grow between us

Until they are huge
Huge and clear and plain to see
And plain to feel
And plain to want and need

And then we must go for it
We must respect it
We must take it in both hands
And pull it to our breasts as if it were a child.