Inner Conflicts

Inner conflicts are the conflicts between the way we view ourselves and the way we view others.

If we are arguing and you shout at me I will see the cause as your inability to control your temper. However if I shout at you, I will see the cause as your provocation not my inability to control my temper.

We are wired to think ‘my situation causes my problems but your personality and ignorance causes your problems’.

My desire to have things my way seems to make sense, while your desire to have everything your way seems infantile – this causes trouble.

A good day is when things work out as I think they should and you act more reasonably.

My point of view is seeing things as they are. Yours is warped by your agenda.

When we’re wrong, that’s when we fight the hardest to prove we’re right.

We look at events we don’t like and think only about what others did to us, not in the part we played in it.

Bad things do happen to good people but the best people get over it and move on.

There have been calls for common ground over Brexit. Think about your stance, how it’s shifted – or not shifted – in the last two and a half years and ask yourself if there may be a little wisdom, a little reasonableness, a little objectivity missing from that stance.

Do you really think every single person in the country who has not shared and who does not share your view is an irrational, infantile, ill-tempered fool? Really?

Do you really think that if we leave the EU without the deal you think we should get, then the entire country is doomed and all the entrepreneurial spirit, intelligence and common sense in the world will not save us from the abyss? Really?

Do you really think that, if we end up with a second public vote and stay in the EU or at least in a Norway-style agreement and single customs union, that the last 40 years were just the tip of an iceberg that will career into our path and sink us in European beaurocracy, foreign workers and straight bananas? Really?

You must have a very low opinion of a great many people and a very high opinion of yourself.