From Head to Toes

Her head lies heavy in my lap
Her hair smells like flowers in Norway in summer

Her brow glistens with the sweat of heat
And her eyebrows tell me of her moods

Her eyes look at the world with amusement and affection
And they look at me with honesty

Her nostrils grow wide if she smiles
And her ears want to be touched and talked to in whispers

Her mouth says my name over and over and reaches to meet me
Her teeth part when she laughs and when we kiss
And her tongue speaks my name and dances in my mouth

Her shoulders are strong
Her neck smells of Paris in April and longs to be kissed
It stretches out in pleasure

Her arms are open
And her hands talk to me of love and of her feelings

Her back bends forwards and back and arches the pleasure of her mind
And the bone between her breasts shines with the sweat of pleasure

Her breasts are the breasts of a woman
And the nipples are attentive and alert like a fox

Her tummy is a woman’s tummy
And her hips are a woman’s hips

Her sex smells of her
And her buttocks fill my hands and fill her clothes with a woman’s beauty

Her legs take her to bed and take me to her body
Her feet should only be seen and touched by people who love her

And her toes should curl when she reads this