Once in a blue moon I send out a link. This is very rare. It is usually connected with falling in love.

Falling in love doesn’t have anything to do with anything else. It’s not about whether you’re married or single; whether you already love; whether you are seeking it or not.

Falling in love is part of us as animals. It’s not very human. It’s instinctive rather than cerebral. It’s certainly not strategic, other than in your imagination.

Falling in love is amazing at the time, temporary and gives us little in return other than the pleasure perhaps of smashing down a statue that we built, ourselves, of someone else.

In 2007, I was looking after a fancy studio in London. No-one worked there who wasn’t famous or about to be famous.

I was looking after a session with Chaka Khan in Studio 2. Robyn came in and said: “There’s a young singer with cancer who would like to meet you. She’s downstairs recording for TV.”

Compassion and curiosity took me down in the elevator.

“Oh, thank you so much for coming to say hi. I’m Delta and I think anyone who makes the records you make has a beautiful heart and I’ve been fragile.”

I was speechless. I started palpitations. I had no idea who she was. I knew she was Australian. She had a tennis player with her. Her boyfriend I suppose. I think he was famous, but I didn’t listen to his name.

I spent ten minutes, silent, captivated, enthralled by the sheer charm and warmth of this very young woman with a very old soul.

That was that, I thought. I never listened to a note of her music. Someone told me she’d been on Neighbours and that was that, musically.

I heard bits and pieces about her later, noting that despite cancer she tended to do a lot of work around homelessness, disability and not her own shit. I’m like that.

I’ve told maybe 30 people over the years, including the ones I love the most, that Delta Goodrem is the most charismatic person I ever met and the only woman I fell in love with and did absolutely nothing about it. The falling in love was enough.

Now there is a Global Citizen show that has just finished. My sister sent me a link. Delta Goodrem, alone with a piano, a cello and an annoying lead guitarist even more inappropriate than the guy who played with the Carpenters.

Here’s the link. This is the young woman I fell in love with. Now I get it.