A Model Citizen

Having given up the only proper job I ever had in my life and taken my guitar and my dreams to Paris, money was hard to come by. My friend Barney was a great photographer and an incredibly handsome man and he worked from a huge old warehouse where he took glamour shots for Knave and other top shelf mags of the then illegal more hardcore type.

I had done some modelling work and a bit of TV advertising and even then at £75 a day it was more than two weeks wages working in a shop.

So Barney asked me to strip off . . . “Hmmm – turn round – hmmm – good legs – nice bum – good chest and nice body hair distribution – large nob and good size nuts – great hands – yeah we can use you”.

So I became ‘The Spy Who Came’ the superhero in a long-running pictorial saga in Knave. In bed with a Russian spy, in a swimming pool having a message delivered up my butt on a champagne cork by a naked nymphet and a lot of simulated sex…and I got paid! And I got laid!

When I arrived in Paris for good I had a CV in undressing. My debut in hardcore was not quite what I expected. I was hoping for the part of the stud in the movie ‘La Grande Baise’ in which a guy is shagged to death by seven women . . . but instead I got the part of the eunuch in the loin cloth coming in and out with baskets of erotically shaped fruit.

It did get better from there . . . nuff said.