Discussing barriers for Deaf and disabled professionals in the music industry

Attitude is Everything launched a new Accessible Employment Toolkit with an online panel streamed live from the Moth Club on the 18th May 2021.

The panel featured:

  • Robin Millar OBE (Chair, Chrysalis Blue Raincoat)
  • Harry Jones (Freelance Festival Accessibility Manager)
  • Jude McArdle (Membership Manager – Association of Independent┬áMusic)
  • Paul Hawkins (Head of Volunteering and Skills Development – Attitude is Everything)

The panel discussed the barriers Deaf and disabled professionals faced working in the music industry.

Questions included:

  • Why are Deaf and disabled people under-represented in the music industry?
  • Why do industry professionals who are Deaf, disabled, Neurodivergent or who have long term or physical health conditions often hide these conditions?
  • How can music industry organisations show that disabled people are welcome to apply for roles and ensure that recruitment processes are accessible?
  • What does the industry need to do to make networking and industry events accessible to people who are Deaf, disabled or neurodivergent?
  • What can the industry do in order to lead the way in terms of creating an accessible working environment where staff feel safe to be open about who they are?