black and white image of Robin Millar


Robin Millar CBE is an internationally renowned British music producer, businessman and campaigner for vulnerable people.

Robin is Executive Group Chairman and Chief Creative Officer of the Blue Raincoat Chrysalis Group, which specialises in record releases, music publishing and artist management. In November 2020, he became Chair of disability charity Scope, alongside his role as board member of the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education.

Robin is a visiting professor and lecturer of music for several universities, a coach and mentor to FTSE business leaders, a keynote speaker, musician and DJ. Registered blind since the age of 16, he has had no sight since 1985.

The three principles of diversity, equity and inclusion are the foundations of his work in business, music and charity.

Robin's virtual ride raised over £40k for Scope

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Robin on the radio

Interview with Robin Millar by Matthew Layton for Vision Australia Radio, April 2021

black statue of Anubis, lying down with gold ears and collar

Robin's talisman

Anubis is Robin’s talisman. Anubis was the guardian of the dead, who greeted the souls in the Underworld and protected them on their journey.

It was he who deemed the deceased worthy of becoming a star. He also weighed the heart of the dead against the feather symbol of Ma’at, the goddess of truth.

One of the reasons that the ancient Egyptians took such care to preserve their dead with sweet-smelling herbs was that it was believed Anubis would check each person with his keen canine nose. Only if they smelled pure would he allow them to enter the Kingdom of the Dead.