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The original 'Smooth Operator' Robin Millar is one of Britain's most successful ever record producers with over 150 gold, silver and platinum discs and 44 No1's to his credit, including Sade's iconic 'Diamond Life' album.

His productions have earned the UK over £400 million in foreign income and have won almost every major global music award including Brit and Grammy Awards.

To date, Robin has sold more records than R.E.M. , The Police, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Oasis, Nirvana, Johnny Cash, Jay-Z or Black Sabbath.

In 2010 The Brit Awards Voting Academy nominated 'Diamond Life' as 'one of the best 10 British albums of the last 30 years'.

To reflect his musical and campaigning career Robin was awarded a CBE in the 2010 Queen's Birthday Honours. In the same year he was inducted as a Fellow of the Association of Professional Recording Services with Peter Gabriel. Dubbed 'Golden ears' by Boy George, Robin is the man behind the Sade hits, the producer of the first acid jazz record and of the biggest selling French album of all time. Robin and Danny Boyle are the only Brits ever to produce an Olympic Games opening ceremony.

He is an accomplished guitarist and has worked with legendary artists including Randy Crawford, Everything But The Girl, Fine Young Cannibals, Big Country, Eric Clapton, Sting and many many others. He is an artist in his own right and recently returned to contemporary dance music with his own brand of jazz-dance. He produced and mixed the summer's official Ibiza dance anthem with U.S. legend Arthur Baker.

Robin also goes out as a DJ / guitarist under the name TOSO playing classic cool grooves from the last 40 years.

Robin has become equally recognised as an academic, a coach and mentor to FTSE business leaders, one of the most charismatic and in-demand keynote speakers and a major fundraiser and champion for vulnerable people.

In November 2007 he was awarded Honorary Professor status at The University of West London.

He is Hon. Patron of the Music Producers Guild, a member of the Human Genetics Commission Consultative Panel, Patron of Calm UK, Patron of Finding Rhythms and Global Advisor to LCD Young Voices, a former trustee of Creative & Cultural Skills UK and of the National Skills Academy and a former director of APRS.

Robin has owned and run businesses in and out of the music industry for 25 years, including Power Plant, Maison Rouge and Whitfield Street Studios, Rent-A-Ferrari, and Scarlett Group PLC.

He is currently chairman of Blue Raincoat Music, the artist management and publishing business he set up with former Chrysalis boss Jeremy Lascelles and former Virgin Media Chairman Robert Devereux. Blue raincoat represents the works and careers of over 150 artists and writers and controls thousands of classic songs from the last 50 years.

He has been a visiting professor and lecturer in commercial music for 15 years at The Royal Academy of Music, London College of Music, Surrey University and The University of Modena in Italy. His outstanding work for the world's most oppressed people has involved work as patron of UNHCR Geneva, trustee of The Playing Alive Foundation and a long-time trustee of the Vietnamese Boat Peoples' Appeal and his campaigning concerts and recordings for Oxfam, UNICEF, British Lung Foundation, Namibian Freedom Fighters, Artists Against Apartheid and others have raised millions of pounds. Robin was awarded the 2002 Windrush Award for his work with minorities.

In December 2011 Robin began a mission for the UN to the 22 poorest regions in the world to teach young disabled people to use professional recording equipment.

Robin has been registered blind since the age of 16 and has had no sight since 1985. His amazing life as a punk guitarist, Ferrari renter, nude model, academic and producer of 'Smooth Operator' and 'The Sweetest Taboo' is still full of adventure, fun and a source of inspiration to others. He says "Suffering is normal: it's how you deal with it that gives your life meaning."

On 29 March 2012 Robin went through a 12 hour operation to insert a bionic retina into his eye trialling a pioneering new idea for future generations. Although the implant had to be removed after rejection in autumn 2013, the research has made giant steps in the understanding of possible ways to restore sight in the future. For more details go to the Bionic Retina page on this website.

"I've made and lost many millions, broken all the rules and I've developed a strong and deep understanding of how lucky some of us are. I'm more of a rough diamond than a smooth operator... adventure should be real and not imagined."

Robin Millar CBE FAPRS MA
The details above are taken from the Berklee College Of Music Celebrity Scholarship Patrons Information Archive.

Further Information on Robin's Credits

For a detailed list of Robin's production, musician and engineering credits go to allmusic.com/artist/robin-millar-mn0000289707/credits (external website).

Public Speaking

To book Robin for motivational speaking, high level mentoring or just for fun, adventure and anecdotes of his life with the rich, famous and bizarre, contact Kruger Cown - Click here for more info and to see testimonials.

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Robin's CV updated - February 2013

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A Hundred Thousand Tears

This was co-written by the wonderful Eran James and me. Eran singing, yours truly piano and synth plus backup vocals. All recorded and mixed by me at my place. It concerns the dispossessed in refugee camps and is directed at those who either overtly or obliquely caused the situation to arise but appear not to take responsibility.
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Snap Dragon Guitar

Gerry Dale and Robin Millar’s extraordinary brilliant Snap Dragon Tripper Professional folding self-tuning electric guitar! For more details click here.
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DJ work

To hear a sample of TOSO's unique classic cool DJ set and Robin's live guitar visit http://snd.sc/oEW65a

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